NUMA Electronics Inc.


Products are designed for comfort and easy intuitive use. The sleek ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort to the user. It is ideal solution for retail, office, point of sales and pharmacist application at competitive price.

  • 270 scans/second
  • Min. Resolution 3 mil
  • Multiple interface
  • Light level: Lux 100,000
  • 32bit CPU
  • 1500 Pixel CCD sensor
  • Support 0.1mm (4mil) resolution
  • Scan rate 200 scans per second
  • Ergonomic and light weight 
  • Antibacterical
  • Support 3mil resolution
  • Scan rate 270 scans per second
  • Streamline-design and high scanning performance 
  • 270 scans per second with reading distance from 10mm to 390mm
  • Support 3mil barcode
  • Support GS1 databar (RSS) & commonly sued bar code symbologies
  • Outstanding reading performance
  • Increase productivity with stand 
  • Support 1D barcodes and GS1 DataBar and GS1 Stacked codes.
  • Reading distance up to 40cm
  • Reading speed up to 270 scans/second
  • 4 in 1 Combo interface that Changes interface by replacing cable