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Please find your question and answer in below list. If you need additional product information, please contact with us by inquiry form or email. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • How do I program my scanner?
  • Scan “Start configuration” barcode.
    Scan all necessary labels for parameters that meet your applications.
    Scan “End configuration” barcode to end the programming.
  • How to reset the standard product defaults?
  • Scan “Start configuration” barcode.
    Scan “Standard Product Defaults Setting” barcode.
    Scan “End configuration” barcode.
  • How to check the software version?
  • Cabled scanner, please read the "Quick Start Guide" rear page "Check version" barcode.

    Wireless scanner, please check the "User Guide" to find and read "Check version" barcode.
  • I am unable to read some of the barcodes.
  • Please confirm the barcode symbologies are “enable”. If it’s not, please use quick manual to enable the symbologies.
  • How do I pair (repair) my scanner and receiver? (K-5200ZB, B-5000ZB series)
  • Plug the USB receiver into the scanner.
    Trigger the scanner button once.
    Devices are successful paired with 1 beep from scanner and 1 blink from the USB receiver.
  • How to connect USB receiver to a host computer?
  • The device can be quickly recognized by host computer without any software/driver installation. Within less than 10 seconds the receiver will flash red to inform the initialization is completed.